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Fahira Fejzić-Čengić

Fakultet političkih nauka, Sveučilište u Sarajevu, Bosna i Hercegovina
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Can Intracommunicology Assist the Philosophy of the Media?

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In 2014, the famous researcher and Nobel laureate Bruce Lipton proved that human thoughts, not just thinking, are energy, they are real and have power. “‘Do not doubt that you command your body and mind... If thoughts are weak and life is like that. Our thoughts are energy and have the power to create.” These can be simple connections, analogies, combinations, or mature, coherent conclusions. Then, at higher mental levels, human thinking often gives birth to very significant, occasionally even ingenious and grandiose thoughts, which in turn become bearers of new energies, social inventions, practices, and interpersonal relations that were previously unimaginable. Human thoughts are power.


Key words: intracommunicology, new personal perception, breathing, good, evil, placebo, nocebo.



A small boy accompanied his father to work in the valley. While the father was working, his little son got bored and exclaims: What do you want? – The echo replied: What do you want? The boy shouted: Get away from me! ... The echo replied: Get away from me! The boy became quite frightened and ran to his father complaining. The father, realizing the opportunity to educate, exclaimed: How are you? The echo replied: How are you? The father: I am fine! The echo: I am fine! The father: I love you! The echo: I love you! Each time the echo returned goodness with goodness. The boy received a great message! And the father, as a true communicologist, philosopher, and educator, obtained the boy’s trust and continued to work… The child received a wonderful lesson: Whatever you lose, it will come back to you, like the echo!

A while ago, when I was only 18 and attended Prof Dr Bora Gojković’s “Introduction to Philosophy”, I was fascinated by the way he spoke about René Descartes, especially his now certainly outdated, yet still epochal maxim – Cogito ergo sum![33] And I read Descartes, intoxicated with the conceptual transparency with which he asked questions, what is there when there is nothing, when everything is purified and I emerge as a questioning being, and when I abstract everything, I see that there is me and my thinking? My cogito. Res cogitans, and res extensis as a dichotomy, duality.

This incomplete logic marked my mindset for at least 20 years. Although I constantly felt some sort of vagueness, I did not dare say it. That year when I did, I got pollen allergy in spring. And I realized how important breathing was, and that it came before thinking.[34] I breathe, therefore I am, I transformed the instantly wounded Descartes into my own version. It was as if that had been bothering me all those years of wandering, one-sided, and often fruitless reflections.



Why do we underestimate our breathing? Why do we take it for granted? Why don’t we engage with it? From then on, I started my little adventure searching for the authors who thought and wrote about breathing. Disappointed that they were practically none. Was it possible that they never found themselves unable to breathe, that they did not spend nights awake, that they never realized the essence of the rhythm inhale-exhale, inhale-exhale! Which never stops?!

Because when that rhythm stops, one dies. A single breath in or breath out that misses us, and nothing is the same. Is it possible that the whole culture, the whole civilization has no idea of ​​the essential quality of this inhale-exhale rhythm, of the beats of our human pulse, our internal clock, which is our heart, after all? Just like the heartbeat, everything pulsates within us... And finally, the real question is – where do we get our breath from? What is breath? Who gave it to us? Gave, for sure, as he enlivened, materialized, and then concealed this enormous gift into such tiny rhythms that most people never become aware of this rhythm although we live by it … How important breath is! How lovingly I am exploring it!

How happy I was that someone was interested in me… most people around me considered me unserious… I found my return long present in my home, my homeland, my Bosnia, and everything came back to me – the tekke as an academy, the Sufis as lonesome sages who take care of breaths, the Naqshbandi as perfect rhythmists of the breath, the Mevlevi as poets of breathing and circling – they had been there since my childhood days, but the closest things usually slip out of our sight. Their insights, knowledge, experience, and techniques could certainly be invoked and brought closer to us within the framework of intracommunicology, which is internal personal communication. A new skill of preserving the self, the I, the interior where the unit of communication measure is inhalation and exhalation. I have realized this as a communicologist, because the field of rhythm, vibration, pulse, and breaths, the field of the psyche and the soul, the mind, the invisible, and the clearly evident are crucial as the type and subtypes communication skills.

Luckily there are diseases! Luckily there is pain![35]


Manipulation as perverted discourse – no man who thinks ill will hear the truth!

Usually when we come across such an unusual definition or statement, we pause for a moment, since we need detachment as thinking beings in order to absorb and structure this kind of cognition. Because if human thoughts are power,[36] then they have power, and if they matter as they are, in terms of their quantity but above all quality, then it is by all means important to keep one’s search thread on the potentially good and bad thoughts, on evil thoughts or negative thoughts that have obviously long flooded the contemporary thinking environment. Circling deeply in the high spheres around Planet Earth. On Earth especially. Because there is no vanishing in cosmic dimensions, substances only change form and are transformed from matter to energy and from energy to matter, from one frequency band to another, awaiting the outcome – a day will come and the world will reverse. Whether and to what extent the evil thoughts are present as a potentially evil or inadequate power, the devastating power and tendency that we simply feel from each individual environment. If powerful thoughts exist, and we have already established that they do, what is the relationship between positive thoughts and negative thoughts, and is the world of authoritarianism, the world of upcoming cataclysmic outlines and the state of pre-totalitarian if not totalitarian setting precisely what makes out our modern civilization and our human cultural aura that we radiate from ourselves, as we (also) immerse ourselves into our lives as evil-thinking beings?

There is a likelihood that some alien villain with immeasurable powers, the burner of all that is human as true and good, as moral and honourable, is perpetually intruding and setting up a slip, a fall into the agon[37] for the human race, a fall into evil and wallowing in it for a long, long time. Until some other forces have magnified the earthly mire and the human race indeed slips again into the great, global fiery vortex, which we fear almost every day as we listen to the international or local news on conflicts, which in every way point to the totalitarian regimes of the past, ready to be restored in our time. And even these bad messages, these ugly news and false information are already part of this overall evil axis. The great hidden magus of evil and mischief, the evil-thinking tutor and inquisitor, is lurking for human minds, brains, and rational predispositions, attracting and seducing them in order to attack the good, first little by little, and then suddenly in a far broader and comprehensive, almost systematic way, and destroy the virtue and nobility of the human being, so important and so rare today. The inquisitor’s great power lies in his manipulation, his perverted view of the reality, his perverted discourse against the fundamental values ​​of the world – from the right to life, the right to liberty, the right to truth, to the right to personal choice, the right to virtue, the right to dignity. This villain has been variously called: Iblis, Devil, Satan, Dajjal, Lucifer... the general sponsor of ugly, negative thoughts, intentions, and ideas... “No man who thinks ill will hear the truth, despite a hundred signs.”[38] And for him, so powerful and hidden, in a privileged situation and position, there is only one goal – to trick, to hoax, to deceive individuals and the human race in its fine walk toward the light at the top of the promised mountain. As he wants to deceive, his strength and energy and his other powers – whether material or spiritual, real or imaginary, use manipulative interventions, methods that trick, distort, and turn the real and true into something perverted, corrupt, and warped. It is a long struggle, long effort, and the use of all knowledge and methods that are unrivalled in the world of good and virtue, which means that his use of the average human mind and reason is very effective and special. The paths by which he has achieved his triumphs and which he still pursues are really interesting.[39]

And there is no space on Earth where he has not sown the seeds of evil, the seeds of his delusions, and the seeds of his warped ideas and practices. With the passage of time, the amount of his intrigues has indeed increased, advanced, and grown so that his empire is today almost prevalent, or so it seems. Namely, in the endless practices of the world and the most diverse combinations of human lives, human values, ​​and systems of organization, it is difficult to accurately delineate or describe all the fields that this conqueror wanders about, if we understand him as an individual. If we extend his ranges of action to the collective sphere, to totality and magnitude, multiplicity, we will see that the trace of his group and collective activity is likewise impressive. There are no systems or subsystems, no organization or association, no state or para-state in which his power of evil thoughts has not left a mark or come to life. From the mass media, PR corporations, through numerous think tanks, corrupt intellectuals, regional and global organizations, to the governments, oligopolies, and corporations, countless nongovernmental organizations and associations whose common goal is to break and crush the human mind, to tear human thought apart beyond recognition.

It is very difficult to see, hear, feel, touch, see, sense, perceive, and conclude all this... because it is complex, multifarious, multiplied... But if we keep in mind the finer interpersonal details of existence, interpersonal relations interspersed with good and evil, then it is easier to see how much and what kind of evil thinking and evil doing is possible. Our aim is to discover his path, to uncover and expose him, and then offer an idea of how we must begin to purge ourselves of evil thoughts, since only the purified and spiritualized individuals of the modern world can create a new, purer world of good people with good intentions.

But let us consider these things one by one. Even the first created man in his ideal conditions of life in Paradise or Jannah was attacked by evil, controversial thoughts, and manipulated into wrongdoing, led to an offence that resulted in the drama of new, displaced existence and the drama of temptation. It is in this drama that each of us individually – as a paradigm – lives almost all our lives. That is why it is very important to understand, realize, and accept this mission of humanity. And to act on the principles of good. The trap is deep. No man who thinks ill will hear the truth, despite a hundred signs. Today, everyone is more or less like that. They think ill and because of this evil thinking do not see the truth. The truth signs, hints of truth, emanations and explications of truth are all around them, but this blindness has caused them not to see, hear, or realize that they are trapped by innumerable evil thoughts. And evil thoughts are also power. As we said at the beginning. Power indeed.


Active listening. Active interpretation. Active intracommunicology

How to cleanse yourself from evil thoughts? All sorts of evil thoughts? It is necessary to purge, to purify yourself, be constantly aware of yourself and reflect on how to listen to the messages. As active listening is becoming less common, it is completely absent from human society. Do we know how to listen actively and carefully? Good listening is a good part of life and a good part of success. Yet something sneaks into our realities, something that prevents us from hearing the truth. Because of bad thoughts. We are constantly in bad thoughts. Man has lost more of himself in bad thoughts than he has been with himself or with those around him, evil thoughts trap the person so that he or she cannot identify the problem. People think badly. Birds of evil thoughts are constantly in our heads. Ugly thoughts, the inquisitor whispers to us, and packs them up nicely, but when that bird nests within us, then we have a big problem. We cannot hear the truth. The truth may swarm around us, but we don’t hear it. We don’t see it. This is a great problem for our modern civilization.

Bad thoughts are real attacks on man.[40] They need to be combated. Once we have a purified individual, we will also have pure communities and pure societies in the broadest sense of the word. It is a sure way to cleanse the soiled modern civilization. That is why it is a difficult process. Because it is nothing external. It is a difficult path of self-inquiry, of internal purification. Only a man alone with himself when he thinks about himself, when he is self-critical, can know what he is and how much he has purified himself. Because no one knows anyone else internally, only we know ourselves. That is why self-purification, self-introspection, some sort of intracommunicology with ourselves is very important and very absent in modern times. What ugly thoughts have I had today? What ugly things have I done? What intrigues have I planned? Have I planned to do evil to others, or… have I been angry? How jealous was I? How envious? How many ugly thoughts have I devised each day? Each night? Why do people have so much need to denigrate others, to belittle others? To underestimate others? To accuse others of evil? That is something we know only of ourselves. And it is with ourselves that we must deal in order to morally purify and morally repair ourselves. And that is one of the most difficult self-scrutinizing tasks of any human being.

Oh, what a hard road. What a burning method that is. For one must burn all one’s evils, intrigues, lies, self-deceptions, manoeuvres, denials, all one’s hatred, envy, arrogance, self-aggrandizement, anger?... What a hard road. So demanding and so long. If we all examined ourselves for at least half an hour before going to sleep each day, or upon waking early, we would be more cleansed already. From evil and manipulation. Then everyone could feel all the beauty of the world, all the truth that screams all around us to self-(know) it. Oh what a good time it would be. And what beautiful achievement of the human race.

In the past, the old sages used to question themselves this way, to call themselves to account, or even wrote it down on paper, in their personal defter, their personal notebook and diaries, all the ugly thoughts they had, evil thoughts, ugly words. These diaries and records made them happier, better, and purer. And it brought peace and tranquillity among such noble individuals, and they repaired many around them. True sages, saints, and teachers of men.[41] The famous Russian philosopher Berdyaev wrote in his treatise on the Philosophy of the Free Spirit that “the Gnostics emphasized the difference between spirit and soul... Life is revealed only by life itself. The knowledge of life is life itself... In the life of the spirit and in the knowledge of the spirit there is nothing external / everything is within, everything is deep. Everything that happens in the spiritual world happens to me. Spiritual life is the most realistic life.”[42] Again, before external communicology we need an internal one, intracommunicology.

Where are such people today? Can many become like that? Can they be repaired? How to move towards this goal?[43]

It is in relation to such thoughts that the great scientist Nikola Tesla,[44] who practiced many of these things, always comes to my mind. And he described it in some of his diaries and interviews.

The road is long and slow, but is pure gold. To purify your mind, your reason, and your heart from all anger, passion, and evil thoughts. Then bring good thoughts into your mind, reason, and heart. Such highly spiritualized and self-purified individuals will be able to triumph over the misery of modern reality that is full of evil thoughts. Their era is coming, and although not yet in sight, it must come one day, I have no doubt about it.[45] A day will come and the world will reverse. Otherwise the world and awareness would be aimless. First in the excess of evil and then in the excess of good... because most people do not recognize the trap.

No, it is not our goal as humans and the only conscious beings on Planet Earth to act as the Millenarians, who also advocate personal transformation, but as the French sociologist Michelle Lacroix states in his book New Age: The Ideology of the New Times, to acquire universal power that enables unlimited governance and knowledge,[46] because as Lacroix observes with dismay, “The new times as New Age does not allow the existence of different thoughts from its own and is irresistibly reminiscent of and striving for a totalizing concept of the world.”[47] According to the New Age ideology, the Earth as a planet inhabited by intelligent beings becomes Gea upon entering the Age of Aquarius in cosmic proportions, and “can be transformed by communication and information techniques into one huge thinking mantle, the global brain”... Gea’s new cerebral cortex as the culmination of the end of evolution. According to this ideology, it has a central nerve system where every human being becomes a single neuron that is realized through a smartphone, a smart chip, or artificial intelligence, as Lacroix writes. “The planet covered by a cable network is a brain-like organ that Gea needs.”[48] And this is so far the biggest trap of the inquisitor of evil thoughts and evil intentions. The trap is set!

The human race does not lack unlimited governance or totalitarianism; the human race lacks an unlimited moral renaissance that begins inside every person.


[33]  Amazed and enchanted, I went to the Franciscan Monastery in my native Visoko and asked for the book to read it in detail. I was surprised by the Guardian’s question in which language I wanted to read it, as he had seven: Latin, Greek, Italian, French, German in two variants… I felt ashamed that I could read only understand the sublime text in Bosnian.

[34]  Personally, I did not cope well with my own breathing. I was suffocating for nights, spent countless May and June nights awake, wondering if this was happening or had happened to others as well, and if so, what kept them silent about it. They had no idea, no experience or taste of it, neither the pulmonologists nor the allergists, or the general practitioners, and that is why they never spoke of the magic of breathing. I had, however, truly realized that it was so much more than the automatic rhythm that we embraced every single moment. In the following summer, I visited a big foreign city for someone’s wedding... But during that fateful night, my suffocation became life-threatening, alarming, so I sought emergency medical attention, even though I carried a few anti-allergens in each item of clothing. Just in case. Not realizing for a long time that I was just being treated by an illusion – a placebo effect. I didn’t even have allergies, and they actually don’t exist in a normal, natural and harmonious world. What existed was the wrong lifestyle. I was a classic example. The doctor who examined me was a Lama, half-Russian and half-Azeri by genetics, alternative in everything. He moved his hand in front of my chakras, which I would later master myself, and my breath returned, the magic rejected me as he uttered the key words of awareness – “… white people do not know how to breathe, walk or eat. You are such a person. You will have to re-learn how to breathe, walk, eat... Breathing is the essence of life.”

[35]  At the “Philosophy of the Media” conference in Dubrovnik, I took liking of Divna and Sead, so I invited them to my classes on the PhD programme as guest lecturers. The first time, Sead recited rational knowledge, with PPT presentations, movies, pictures large and small, for hours. I didn’t dare to mention the breaths to him. The following year, a different Sead came, saying: “I’ll speak from the heart.” Because his heart had reminded him of its existence in a cardiac arrest... On a snowy winter day, he drove up to the college and as he was early, he slept in the car for at least two hours, since the housekeeper did not realize who it was. Amazed that Prof Sead was so humble and ordinary. On that day, UNSA distributed diplomas to all the students and the institution was empty except for a few PhD students and myself... Sejo asked for a cup of tea and to rest for half an hour in the cabinet. I realized that this was the person I could now talk to about the breaths.
Divna in turn immediately liked the modest motel accommodation, agreed to eat baklava instead of pancakes, because at Baščaršija, the sleepy owner of the “Vienner” patisserie coolly declined us by saying that the cook was not there in the afternoon... I realized, I could also whisper something about this to that profound girl... This is how these topics came about, as reactions to the good challenges all around us. Let me come back to the title “The Beat of a new age – a day will come and the world will reverse.” Therefore, at least we professionals need intracommunicology.

[36]  In the already popular formats, in multimedia genres and with a wealth of rational evidence, Lipton has summed up this majestic knowledge, which the wise men of the world have always known and practiced. The downside of this message is: Man is one, but not one machine. He is made up of 5 trillion cells, and today even an average person can know more about it than doctors in the past, because he can know more about the life of the cell. Genes in our cells are carriers of the blueprint, for example, the design, but they are not finished prints, just the design. Because they themselves will not make the decision to be the blueprint, they might become the redprint. Who controls that colour? It is what our personal, subjective perception, our thought, and every gene emits 1.4 volts of electricity or light. That is 50 million genes in us, with 1.4 volts of light each. It is 7,000 trillion volts in total. Our brain, our mind rules over these trillions of genes and cells. If you enlighten your own mind, you can change the planet this instant. When you change your perception, your thoughts, you have already changed your life. Believe it! Believe in it and control your own life both inside and out. We are not slaves or victims of our genes. We are our thoughts, our emotions, our perceptions. The placebo effect works by convincing us that a false drug is healing us. The nocebo effect binds our bad and ugly thoughts and takes away our strength. So ugly thoughts can kill us ! Cf. www.http: INNERLIGHTMEDIA,, VID-20190624-WA0001mp4.

[37]  For a discussion on the agon, see my book Nelagode s medijima [Trouble with the media] (Sarajevo: Dobra knjiga, 2016).

[38]  This powerful verse comes from the magnificent epic poem “Masnavi” with over 60 thousand couplets) by the Sufi poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi.

[39]  Writing on the new relations of manipulation and the media, Nenad Vertovšek said that three steps were involved in modern propaganda interventions in the public: ... “First of all, it is PR, which in its lethal beginnings was called by its real name – propaganda – by Edward L. Berneys and later became synonymous with manipulative presentation and selection of information about something or someone. Modern PRs have an outspoken scientific prism that is evasive and conceals the propaganda, manipulation and power of the ‘reality industry’... The second current consists of distinguished and esteemed intellectuals who deal with democracy, the relationship between the masses and the elite sections of the society, including information and media mediation... and do the work they would be required to do... The third current works with the mass population, those who are uneducated and additionally non-skilled... They are too stupid and will only cause trouble if we include them. Their job is to be observers and not participants...” Nenad Vertovšek, Noam Chomsky i kritika suvremenih mas medija [Noam Chomsky and a critique of the modern mass media] (Zagreb: Golden Marketing, 2017), 53-54.

[40]  It may be said that this multiplicity is possibly a harmful bacterium, virus, harmful fungus, restlessness, delusion, perversion, frenzy, anger, envy, hatred, boasting, voyeurism, falsehood, deception, semi-truth, aberration, pimping, violence, aggression, evil thinking...

[41]  There is a daring and useful message on the cover page of the latest issue of Foreign Affairs, a question that also identifies the most powerful evil thinker: “Who will Run the World? America, China and World Order,” (January/February 2019), which continues as follows: “Both the order and its sponsor are in crisis, and the future is up for grabs...” (p. 9)

[42]  Nikolai Berdyaev, Philosophy of the Free Spirit (Moscow: Republic, 1994).

[43]  Seneca, in discussing anger, simply states that “it must be said that wild animals become angry – and all creatures save the human being – are without anger: though anger is reason’s enemy, it comes into being only where reason resides” (p. 17) “The human is born to give and receive assistance – anger, to destroy. The one wants to form associations, the other, to recede… anger is hungry for payback...” (p. 18), as Seneca brilliantly wrote. That is why the modern world is full of anger and hungry for violence and revenge, for control and destruction. Seneca reminds us: “once the mind has submitted to anger, love, and the other passions, it’s not allowed to check its onrush: its own weight and the downward-tending nature of vices must carry it along and drive it down to the depths” (20) because anger is hungry for payback, it is impetuous and mindless. It doesn’t see how much it hinders itself in what it is after the most. And it is after stopping, enclosing, occupying and surrounding the whole world. This great and violent siege might draw a hood or blinkers over the eyesight and over the whole body of our beautiful Planet Earth and this age that flatters itself to be libertarian.

[44]  “Remember, it is not Space that is curved, but the mind of man who cannot comprehend Infinity and Eternity! If it were clear to the creator of Relativity, he would have acquired immortality, even physical if it pleased him.
I am part of the Light, and it is music. Light fills my six senses: I see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, touch it, and think it. Thinking is my sixth sense. The particles of Light is a written score. A single lightning can be a whole sonata. A thousand lightnings is a concert. For that concert, I have created ball lightnings that can be heard on the icy peaks of the Himalayas.
About Pythagoras and mathematics, well a scientist cannot and should not sin against these two. Numbers and equations are signs that note down the Music of the Spheres. Had Einstein heard its sounds, he would not have produced the Theory of Relativity. These sounds are a message to the mind that life makes sense, that there is perfect harmony in the universe, and that beauty is the cause and effect of Creation. This Music is the eternal circling of the starry heavens. The smallest star is a completed composition and at the same time a part of the celestial symphony. The beat of the human heart is part of this symphony on Earth. Newton learned that the secret lay in the geometrically regular arrangement and movement of the celestial bodies. He realized that harmony was the supreme law in the universe. Curved Space is chaos; chaos is not Music. Einstein is the herald of the time of Sound and the Fury.” The most widely read interview of all time with Nikola Tesla from 1899 was published on March 4, 2014 at

[45]  As I write this text from the depths of my mind and the centre of my heart, with one eye I am watching the unusual Turkish TV-series “Vuslat”, translated as “Connection”, inspired by the mystical ideas and practices of Ibn Arebi, a man of Spanish origins and global biography. It shows how infinitely all the building blocks of life, every idea, event, and person are interconnected and no matter how much they are pushed underground or into the subconscious, they inevitably follow us. Every evil thought catches up with us for the rest of our earthly life. Ibn Arebi’s wisdom is inspiring, such as: “Evil that looks like good – good that looks like evil!” or “Everything that happens is good – every good that happens carries some evil”, or: “Everyone’s life lasts as long as determined by destiny”, or: “The answers are in the questions. If you run away from the questions, how will you ever get the answer?”, or: “The mill of destiny is slow. But it grounds finely... You turn to dust”, or: “A mechanical clock works on a spring. If the spring is in the right place, it will never stop. Only something from the outside can break it. The same goes for man. And life. If a man’s heart works well, nothing from the outside can break him.”

[46]  Michel Lacroix, L'ideologie du New Age (Paris: Flammarion, 1996).

[47]  Ibidem.

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Online sources

The most widely read interview with Nikola Tesla from 1899, published on March 4, 2014 by


Može li intrakomunikologija pripomoći filozofiji medija?




Jednom prilikom je poznati istraživač i nobelovac Bruce Lipton u toku 2014. godine dokazao da ljudske misli, ne samo razmišljanje, su energija, one su stvarne i imaju moć. ‘Nemojte sumnjati u to što naređujete svom tijelu i umu...Ako su misli slabe i život je takav. Naše misli su energija i imaju moć da stvaraju.’Mogu to biti jednostavna povezivanja, analogije, kombinacije ili zrela koherentna zaključivanja. Potom, na višim umnim razinama ljudsko mišljenje porađa često vrlo značajne, pa na momente i ingeniozne i grandiozne misli koje potom postaju nosioci novih energija, društvenih izuma, praksi i međuljudskih odnosa koji su bili dotad nezamislivi. Ljudske misli su moć.


Key words: intrakomunikologija, nova lična percepcija, disanje, dobro, zlo, placeo, nacebo.