13th Symposium of Philosophy of Media and Related Disciplines


Center for media philosophy
10000 Zagreb

ZAGREB, Ilica 44
September 13–15, 2023


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Light plays by creating inverted camera obscura images. The light 'refracts' the rod that we put in the water, separating the angle of incidence of light on the water and the angle of light in the water. The light raises the bottom of the water we look into while standing in it. Light has long been a metaphor in photography as drawing with light. Over time, this metaphor turned into a symbol of every artistic, media and/or technical mediation.

That is why we are talking about the refraction of a work of art, language, image, performance, theoretical concept, interpretations of history, politics, philosophical and other understandings of the world.

To understand the destiny of the system of symbolic mediations means to be aware of refraction as that form of writing by means of light which nevertheless only gives us an image that is determined by the nature of the material on which the image falls and the nature of the light.

In this insight into the refraction of light as a fateful metaphor for man and his thinking and singing of the world, we see the space of understanding media, culture, art, religion, philosophy.

In the artistic act, as in every deconstruction of ideological patterns, we see the rebellion of a conscious act against being condemned to political, media, religious, scientific, corporate, bureaucratic... - refraction of light.

We invite all interested media philosophers, media theorists, researchers of natural, information, social humanities and other sciences; and artists of words, pictures, sculptures, films, multimedia designs... theologians of all religions and all depths of reflection on the relationship between human knowledge and the Universal - to a joint symposium reflection on refraction as a kind of fate of human experiences/thoughts/concepts/political social philosophical and other systems.

In our symposium days, we would like to bring the conversation participants closer to the following possible topics:

  • Art as mimesis or shadow truth
  • Language as a means of misunderstanding
  • Political programming of art
  • Mass media game of capital as a capital game of mass media
  • Multimedia game and oblivion of being
  • Art, religion and philosophy as a refraction of the unattainable
  • Technical mediations and human experience
  • Bureaucratic distortion of artistic initiatives
  • Art in the superficial world of social networks
  • Where has media independence gone?
  • the dual nature of light - particle and wave - depending on the way of observation - which brings us the multiplication of perspectives and the dissolution of monolithic systems conditioned by social networks - positive and negative implications.
  • Interference (characteristic of the wave nature of light) - interaction of different phenomena (man, nature, man, technology, other species, mind, spirit, body)
  • refraction as translation - from experience to language, to different media - image, technology, voice, sound... (I think Sead also wrote something in this sense - language as a misunderstanding) translation from one "experience" to another - how it breaks message if we translate it from experience into language or into an image - what disappears and what is created, given that each medium has its own characteristics that "break" the initial message.
  • Image perception depending on the medium of presentation
  • Dialogue - Position and Opposition (Point of View): Canon and Alternative Art Practice
  • The multiplication that digital culture creates blurs a clear picture, but can the very vagueness of the picture be the way to the essential? Physicists today invoke the cloudy state as the only natural human possibility of insight.
  • We are in a state of constant translation without the possibility of stopping, does this create a new language that conveys not concepts but performance patterns?
  • The language of contemporary refraction is the constant shaping of new forms, without the will to be finalized in an object.
  • Artistic refraction has always revealed hidden perspectives and new worlds, the art refraction of digital culture reveals finitude located in an endless database.
  • The glass prism is made of silicon, the same sand that is the basis of microchips and the entire digital culture. Semi-permeability also means control over flows. Redirection is also disguise.
  • The hero of contemporary culture fiction is a disguised hero, derived from Beckett's buffoon. Masks, filters, costumes and other digital stage props were created with temporary light. By multiplying disguises.
  • The momentary change of state, which is the basis of the performance of digital culture, is an imitation of the process of creating light. Light is a byproduct of the change of state of subatomic particles. Do art, philosophy and religion resonate as a reflection of a state beyond our understanding?

Of course, these are general topics. From them, as in previous years, we will be even more fond of texts that are the fruit of your current reflections that are somewhere within the framework of media philosophy and related disciplines.